Website Building Presentation in Ontario Canada

Since the inception of websites, it has been very instrumental for the whole of humanity. A website is an information system where all information, documents and web resources are identified by uniformed resource locators, such as URL.

An English scientist named, Tim Berners-Lee invented the world-wide web in 1989. He wrote the first web browser in 1990, while employed at CERN, near Geneva, Switzerland. From 1990 till date, website development has gone through a lot of phases to get to the enviable height it has attained today.

With a lot of conferences in Canada, web developers gather to share their experience in the field. Making it possible for web knowledge to keep growing.

Website Building Presentation in Ontario Canada

As stated earlier, professionals in the field of web development come together to initiate themselves about new discoveries in the world of web development. A similar feat is about to be achieved by stakeholders in the field of web development in Ontario, Canada.

The conference seeks to bring keynote speakers who are professionals to come in and give the necessary guideline for web development. Participants also have the opportunity to exchange ideas amongst themselves, for the benefit of the development of the field.

Furthermore, it seeks to allow participants the access to experts who can help them in their career as web developers. The conference would take place at the ‘Ontario Conference Center” in Canada. Although, the date for the conference has not been officially communicated, plans are already in the pipeline to get the conference going as soon as possible.

The website would have so much beneficial effect to the world of web development. There would be opportunities to share ideas, meet professionals who can go on to mentor upcoming website developers.

Durago Computer Works as Speaker

Durago Computer Works is a top-notch computer repair center, where all forms of problems facing your computer can be fixed without headaches. In today’s world, the company understands the benefit of having a computer that works flawlessly without issues. Hence, they find reasonable solutions to all problems.

Durago Computer Works also has an edge in web development and providing security for websites. They have been scheduled to speak about ‘‘Building a visually striking and fictional HTML website without compromise.” This has to do with setting up websites with the programming language HTML, in the aim of also making sure that the website is not compromised.

As professionals in that field, it is noticeable that they have all the information as in the field of website security, and getting it saved from the hand of hackers. With Durago Computer Works as a speaker, you are rest assured that they have the required expertise to pass web development knowledge to the attendees of the conference. With attendees seeing them on the scheduled speakers’ list, they are rest assured that they would be interested in coming around to listen.

Post Conference Drink and Party

After digesting so much information, and getting involved in a lot of web development education, there should also be a time to boogie down. After the conference there would be premium entertainment, which would be free for all the participants.

At the party, there would be live music, exotic dancers, free drinks, finger food and free overnight stay in the hotel vicinity. All these great incentives are given courtesy of the Canadian online casino comparison site, who are major customers of Durago Computer Works.