Major US Website Build Contract Awarded to Durango Computer Works

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Nearly all website designers and builders in the US promote their services as the best. Even when you visit their websites, you will see glowing reviews allegedly posted by satisfied clients, praising their competence. With this complicated situation, how do you get the right one? This post will examine quality website service providers who specialize in developing comparison-online casinos in the US, using Durango Computer Works, website design, and building company as a case.

You will learn of its professionalism and experience in many industries, and why the online casino website owners prefer it to other website builders. We will also discuss what these satisfied businesses saw in choosing the company and why it uses WordPress CMS to power the new site’s content management systems.

Major Website Build Contract Awarded to Durango Computer Works

Building a comparison website in the US for the online casino industry has become easy due to Durango Computer Works. That is why the latest award of crucial website building contracts to Durango Computer Works by online casino industry members, centered in comparing US online casinos, came as no surprise.

This company specializes in website design and building and has over 18 years of admirable contribution to the online marketing efforts of many businesses. It has unsurpassed records in the multiple profitable websites projects it had executed for industry leaders in the banking, real estate, and online marketing businesses. Durango’s competence at creating those websites will help it design and build online comparison casino websites.

Why was Durango Computer Works Chosen?

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Durango Computer Works launched in 2001 in the website design and building business. You cannot discount experience when picking a website building company. Durango’s expertise, dedication, and speed for completing tasks are unequaled. Therefore, designing and building these major comparison websites will not be different. Here are some reasons why this company was chosen. Let’s elaborate;

Experience in This Field

The company boasts of a team of seasoned web designers. With experience in all aspects of website building, it builds crisp websites that convert visitors, with quality site architecture which gives users a positive experience.

Professional and Speedy Service

It has handled all types of website projects with professionalism and speed. All this, while delivering unbeatable jobs on schedule without compromising the quality of the work, giving and you a good value for money.

WordPress Chosen for CMS Systems


Durango selected WordPress because it is a flexible and popular CMS system for building all the new sites. Other reasons are:

HTML coding and FTP software

There is no need for HTML coding since WordPress CMS is self-sufficient. The CMS allows you to format text, upload images, edit, add videos and pictures without having FTP software or HTML knowledge.

Ease of Use and Seamless Access

Websites built with WordPress are easy to use and manage from any computer with an internet connection. The websites incorporate a blog to act as a lead magnet.

Search Engines Prefer WordPress Built Sites

Any site Durango Computer Works builds has site visibility at the top of its agenda. The websites are uncluttered and easy to navigate and load. Each page can be optimized with distinct keywords, meta tags, and descriptions to implement search engine optimization better.

Growth of the Business

The WordPress CMS allows you to build thousands of pages and it will continue to serve you as the business expands.