Durango Computer Works Opening an Office in Ireland (Europe)

Durango possible office in Dublin

For so many years, Durango Computer Works has always delivered great technological services in terms of computer software and hardware. It is seeking out the opportunity to expand and has picked Ireland as it means of expanding to Europe.

To this effect, Durango Computer Works will be employing Irish people to work in various aspects and departments in its Ireland branch.

Durango Computer Works Opening an Office in Ireland

This is not the case of bringing its US team to occupy top positions while leaving the Irish people to occupy the less significant positions. Durango Computer Works will be hiring Irish people to fill all the significant and vacant positions. Indeed, Irish programmers and website builders will be occupying the vacant position.

Durango Computer Works is already making arrangements to secure an office space in Ireland. Rumors have it that they are interested in getting a place in Dublin.

Irish programmers, web developers and web designers better get ready. You only get the opportunity to work with a renowned firm like Durango Computer Works once in a lifetime.

Increased Demand to Build Websites Across the Pond

For years, Durango Computer Works has served many companies. However, it has concentrated on companies mostly in America. It has not really done much with companies in Europe. There are many reasons why this has been the case for so long.

Durango Computer Works is a US-based company. Being on a different continent and in a different country is a huge challenge. First, there is the issue with the time zone. We are talking of countries that are not just miles apart but countries with an average of 8 hours difference in time. This posed a major problem.

Besides the difference in time, we also have the difference in currency. It is easier to transact when you are working with one currency. It becomes a challenge when two or more different currencies are involved. Don’t be fooled, it is not easy as people think. Changing money from pounds to euros and from euros to dollars before processing invoices is a complicated task. You should know that there are certain charges included in these transfers. Companies may feel cheated if these charges are added to their invoices.

Then, of course, we have the issue of high taxes in the US that makes it expensive to operate therein. These and many more are the reasons why Durango Computer Works is looking at establishing an office in Ireland.

Part-time Irish Employees to Work Remotely

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Remember the rumors going round that Durango Computer Works is looking for an office in Dublin? If this happens to be verified, it does not mean all the workers must be in Dublin.

The world is a digital village and is working towards ensuring it stays that way. This is why the company is giving its prospective Irish employees the option of working remotely. In fact, employees will work virtually from their houses in the city or caravans in the countryside.

Most of them have a good edge as they are specialist in Irish online casinos and have developed online casino games like slots. Employees will also engage in rebuilding old websites of various Irish companies as well as Irish online casinos.

You can say that things are looking bright for Irish programmers and website builders.