Connecting Two Accounts At The Same Time

Many households have two or more pc's and will want to connect two accounts at the same time.  To do so, you will need to disable UPNP in your router.  The following instructions are for a Linksys router, but your router admin will be similar.

Log into your router admin site.  This should be a web page and it may use the same IP number as below.

Type in your browser address bar (this must be done from the pc/laptop using the wireless connection)  A log in screen will open as below:

User name admin, password admin. 
Once logged in, under Applications and Gaming, place Phantom in the application name, and the ports to opwn are 2302-2305, check the enable box.

Click Save Settings.

Under Administration, disable the UPnP.  Click Save Settings, and close.

Now when you log in, each pc/laptop must check a different port number on the Multiplayer screen.