Looking For Party

One of the features included in the Online Casino is the "Looking for Party" feature.

You can access this feature by type /lfp in the chat box.  The following screen will open.

To use this feature to help you find a partner or opponent for a game, challenge or quest, simply use the drop down lists under Slot Games, Table Games, Poker, Alliance Trials, Defiance Trials, or Cards to choose the game you wish to play.

Not choosing any will simply add your name to the list as someone who is willing to play any and all games or challenges.

On the bottom of the screen, you can choose to:

Show Matches -  This will show only those players who are looking for the same game/trial/challenge you are looking for.
Show All -  This will show everyone who is looking for a partner or opponent.

Below this place a check mark in the "Turn On Looking For Party".
This will add your name to the list.

Then click Exit.