Creating A Custom Icon

Before you can create a custom icon, you must locate a picture or icon you wish to use. Once you find this picture, right click on it, choose Save Picture As, or Save As. Save it to a location on your pc, such as your Documents. Give it a name that has NO spaces in it, NO characters and NO capital letters.

There are many programs available to resize pictures. Some can be quite complicated to use, so I have found one that I can recommend for even the novice.  Start by downloading the program PlXresizer  Save this program to your pc, and then install it.

Once installed, open the program and the following box will appear.

Click on the Load Picture button.  In the box that pops up, navigate to where you saved your picture.  Highlight the file name and click Open.

Place a dot in the box above that says Custom Size.  In the window for custom size type in 64 x 64. leaving the Maintain aspect ratio box unchecked. 

In the number 3 box, Select File Format, choose JPEG.

Click on Save Picture.
When the box pops up, name your file.  Be sure there are no spaces, characters or capital letters in your file name.


Now you need to copy, or drag and drop this file into your C:\Program Files\Phantom EFX\OnlineCasino\Gfx\Icons ( If you run XP), or C:\Public\PhantomEFX\OnlineCasino\Gfx\Icons  (If you run Vista) directory in your Program files.