Rune Spots

Each Rune and Rune spot that is created is awarded a number value for
programming purposes.

For instance, the Pool of Lava II is #84 on the list.

 Rune Spots are earned in the Trials of Alliance and Defiance, and in the Quests.

Each of your Power Boards will hold 10 Rune Spots. Each rune spot for each board has a number also ( 1-10 ).
Their placement on your power board is as follows:

When you complete a challenge or quest that awards a Rune Spot, note the number of it, and then when you check your power board, you can be sure that you received it.

If you already earned a rune spot you will not be able to earn them again. You don't automatically receive a rune spot if you play for one and win the challenge.

Each challenge that awards a rune spot, awards a specific spot.